ATC Training

Are you already a controller looking to sharpen your skills? Are you ready to start the IFATC testing process but want to get some training to ensure you’re 100% prepared? The Infinite Flight ATC Training Team is available and ready to train motivated users that want to learn Air Traffic Control procedures for ground, tower, and radar facilities!


The ATC Training Team trains potential ATC candidates and current controllers to ensure test readiness and a high level of quality! This service is only available to those who intend to join the Expert Server ATC team, IFATC.


  • Must be at least a TL1 on the Community Forum

  • Must have at least two weeks of individual training to include individual server practice, manual, and tutorial review. Information available in the manual must be reviewed prior to beginning training.

  • Must be in the ATC Recruiting process and have passed the written exam.

  • If IFATC, must meet all ATC Officer requirements outlined in 1A.6.3 of the ATC manual.

Steps to begin training:

  • Ensure you meet all requirements listed above to include being actively in the ATC Recruiting process

  • Request training services from your ATC Recruiter if you have passed your written exam but require additional help. The ATC Recruiter will notify the Training Team and place you on a waitlist. The first available trainer in your timezone will assign themselves and contact you to begin.

  • Allow up to 7 days for a qualified trainer to contact you via the Community Forum

  • Only utilize one trainer. Once you’ve established communication with your trainer you no longer pursue additional trainers. Communicate directly with your trainer for all future training sessions, concerns, time conflicts, etc.

  • Stay open to feedback!

Items Trained:

Ground Awareness, Taxi Instructions, Give Way Commands, Runway Selection, Takeoff Clearances, Pattern Entry, Sequencing, Runway Changes, Transitions, Spacing Maneuvers, Approach Vectors, ILS Approaches, GPS Approaches, Radar Patterns, Instrument Procedures, Center and much more!

Trainers should not be used to learn every aspect of Air Traffic Control. An important characteristic all successful controllers must possess is the ability to seek an answer on their own. Please check out the IFATC Tutorial Videos prior to contacting a trainer so that we may better serve you!

Official Infinite Flight ATC YouTube Tutorials

Infinite Flight ATC Manual

ATC Practice Test

Effective 1 January 2024


Nice new logo! :)


So what I do if I got 40% 😞. Do it say that I can’t be in the training IFATC


No, this means you need to keep studying, utilize the resources available (manual, videos, community, etc) and work to score above a 65% the next time. Each member is afforded 3 chances to take the ATC knowledge exam. You’ll get it!


Ok Thx, I’m studying a lot for that, my dream is to be in the IFATC. @JoshFly8 say that the 10 may I will be able to enter this process


We’d love to have you! That’s plenty of time to prepare. We’ll also have a practice test coming soon! In the meantime, there are tons of people around the community who would be happy to assist. Utilize #atc as well to ask questions about procedures you may not understand in our manual. Keep at it!


Question 1:
Ok, but you said that we have 3 chances to do the practical exam. Do we have the same amounts of chance for the Written one ?
Question 2:

So I have to get minimum 65% to pass, not 80% ?

(And btw I love your logo @Tyler_Shelton)
Sorry if I’m harassing 😐


Correct. If you fail three times with either exam, the process resets after a six month waiting period.

Minimum 65% to qualify for training. 80% to pass the written.

Yeah, it’s pretty swank.


So If I got more than 65% in the written, I can be in the training process?


Yes that is what Josh said :)


I’m excited! Less than a month till I turn 14 which means I can finally apply to be a controller, super excited! I also love that new pfp and banner, great job Tyler!


I got a 73%, but I just turned 13, so it’ll be a while. :(


Hello @Yaser!

According to your profile, you are a “basic user” or TL1. You were granted it about 10 minutes ago.

Now you should be able to apply for IFATC! Do so through this thread.

Be sure you meet all requirements before messaging a recruiter.

Once you message a recruiter, you will be given a written test. You can not apply for training until you have scored at least a 65% on this test. In order to pass the test, you must receive at least an 80%.

Here is a resource to help prepare you for the test. On this thread, the Public IFATC Manual and YouTube videos are linked as well.

Best of luck!


Can I train I’m grade 3 and am a very good atc I control all the time at egll


Make sure you meet the new requirements, are currently in the recruiting process, and fill out a training form.


you can become IFATC but need to be with a lot of experience in ATC, I recommend using ATC more and you’ll have more chance of passing


Looking forward to become an ATC :)


All I can say is, practice practice practice


Hey! I applied for training 3 hours ago! Have you received it or has it not gone through? I know trainers are busy, just wanted to let you know