ATC Training


Can you explain how the ATCEG fits into this as l see several users with that title on the TS


ATCEG is a group that people that would like to become IFATC in the future can join and control on the expert server.

@Trio is the best person to contact if you have any questions in regards to ATCEG.

ATCEG (Air Traffic Control Education Group) also posts informative information regarding IFATC procedures.


ATCEG is managed by Trio,
We have IFATC members inside the organisation helping with social media and video editing.
The ATCEG helps pilots and Air traffic controllers with well, a lot. From what marking on the runway mean, to how to better improve atc skills. ATCEG posts daily on twitter, instagram and ever now and then on YouTube.
Some pilots like to add in ATCEG in their username just incase pilots have questions about certain things they can come to us.


I’d direct anyone to this topic that is looking for help with their controlling, the IFATC training team is a great program to be a part of if you’re trying to improve and very well run!

If you’d like to learn more about the ATC Education Group go here, we used to help people train but have moved on to just focus on education through the content we publish. If you have any questions about either IFATC training or the ATC Education Group, feel free to message me. :)