ATC Training


Am I allowed to change my recruiter since the one I’m talking to is taking forever to respond and continue with the training.



Your trainer will get back to you eventually, if they’re very busy then they may pass you onto another trainer. If it’s been a week or two then you may have to bump the PM in case they’ve missed it.



Candidates requesting training must be in the ATC Recruiting process and have taken at least one written knowledge exam. The training request form will require you to select whether or not you have begun the recruiting process and what the results of your written knowledge exam were.

This allows our trainers to better gauge your level of knowledge and commitment prior to training, also giving specific deficiencies to address with trainees to maximize effectiveness of training.

Those who are already in the training process do not need to comply with this and are grandfathered in

Effective 24 February 2019


I think everyone should be tested and debugged those who do not meet the required skills, I know that there are people who are capable and doing an excellent job and have a very good coordination, I congratulate those who do so. But this is just my opinion, I have flown in controlled areas and the work is phenomenal, also many pilots do not always follow the guidelines. Great Job.


I filled a form for getting a trainer and i realized I did it wrong,
I gave the training date for the next day (I misread the give 72hr for trainer to contact).so is there a way to cancel that and me to give a new form in?or do I stick with the form and discuss with my trainer?


That’s not a big deal, no need to submit another form :)
A trainer with a similar time zone will be contacting you soon.


Ohh that is just so long time to i can try to be an IFATC, that is 2 years to, i’m just 12 years but i practicing now to that so i will be a
IFATC and a very good IFATC.


Same here:(


Good luck!Our Future IFATC!


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Don’t get your hopes down, I’ve been in the exact same situation as you. At 12 I wanted to be IFATC, after a lot of ATC Training and on and off’s period on Infinite Flight I was finally of age and look at me now, I’m 14 soon 15 and I’m ATC on Expert not only for Tower and Ground but also for Approach. Actually it’s a bit of an advantage, because you’ve got time to understand how ATC works and you won’t rush the test.
I wish you goodluck. Always remember to be open to feedback, you’re going to need it to progress.


Thank you very much I already have 500 operations for I controller very much on Traning Server. I work very fast.
And i Get Infinite Flight PRO in October 2018.


How can i Get positive ATC pracrice thread with feedback to Plane and Pilot ATC

I’m just 12 years.


Once you are closer to 14 we have official training. You can control anytime on your own and ask for pilots to fly and give feedback


At the very least, 500 but it’s always good to have more. An ATC specialist is an IF user who is/can be ATC on expert. (I believe).


Just a little correction on this, the ranks of IFATC are as follows:

You will join as an ATC Apprentice which means you will open be able to control Tower, Ground and ATIS at Class Charlie or lower airports.

You will then be promoted to ATC Specialist which is a manual promotion and this will allow you to control Tower, Ground and ATIS at any airport.

After you have been an ATC specialist for 60 days then you will be able to commence training for becoming an IFATC Officer, which is becoming approach and departure certified.


Very sorry, I’m still just an observer, thanks for the corrections!


No problem at all mate! Have a wonderful day! :)


May I ask how you/who promotes you to ATC specialist? I’m wanting to eventually get to the top (IFATC).


Since you are an Observer this means that once you reach 500 operations, you can go ahead and fill in the form to request training from one of the many IFATC trainers will be in contact with you.

Tyler is the ATC Community Manager and he is the one that will manually promote you to IFATC Specialist from Apprentice when you have shown that you are capable of handling the larger traffic amounts and other factors.

IFATC is a long, but rewarding process and I’m sure you will make an excellent IFATC controller.