ATC Training

That’s odd, I definitely sent in a request with the form above. Should I try again?

Can you train to just be a ground controller only?

You can ask a trainer to help train you with certain aspects of ground controlling but if you’re looking to join IFATC, you will be required to do a theory and practical test that involves tower controlling as well :)

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No, I’ll just contact you. Check your PMs. :)

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Due to the number of controllers currently in the training process, we are temporarily suspending new controller training requests. This will allow our controllers to give the highest quality attention needed to each trainee and catch up with the backlog of requests. The thread will be re-opened once training has resumed.

  • The request form will be removed for the time being.
  • Please do not PM the trainers asking for training during this time.
  • If you have already submitted a request it will be processed.
  • If you have already been contacted by a trainer please continue your communication with them via PM.

We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.


Thank you everyone for your patience while our trainers worked through their list.

IFATC Training has resumed and the form link has been returned to the original post. Please review all the information in the original post for more information.


Just Submitted a response hope I get an opportunity in infinite flight


This is just a friendly reminder to all to only submit ONE request. Submitting more than one request may lead to you not being selected for training. Thanks!


Thank you, I have submitted my “one” request.
Standing by.


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Is there an age requirement?

Well you do need to be 14 years of age to be in IFATC so if your in training you would want to be either like a month away from 14 or over 14 years of age

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I have 10 1/2 months to go.

All of the information can be found here


Please wait until you are 14 then. We’ve got a lot of people waiting so it’s best to use our resources for those that are eligible right now and also ensuring that training is fresh in your mind when you do begin the recruiting process. Thanks!


I am a member of an Infiniteflight group where I do the voice work ATC (Via Discord) and ATC in the training, and using charts, so we increase the real experience … According to what I read, I see that in the training they accept young people under 16 years old, are these responsible enoug, And I could apply for IFATC?

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According to the recruiting requirements, you have to be at least 14 years old.

Oh I understand, it’s because of the requirements hehe
As for age, I think I’m already too old, at 30 years old. hehehe

There are several controllers on the sim who would be near retirement age now if they were irl