ATC Training

Sometimes it’ll take up to 24 hours for those operations to reflect on your stats. The server is collecting the data as you go but the time for it to show may vary. Always close and relaunch the app as well to see the most up to date information.

OTS would be a great route! They’re hurting for pilots. I just separated from Active Duty and started controlling at a federal contract tower in February. Shoot me a message if you’ve got any questions or want to chat. Welcome!

Awesome, great I love both tough choice depends if I get an FAA bid while in school, I definitely will keep in touch is there a way to add friends or contacts?

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How do I contact a recruiter
I don’t have the message icon that everyone says I should have in the forum

Hi there,

In order to access the personal message feature, you need to be a TL1 on the forum. In order to get to this trust level, just reply to some topics and be active on the community. Doing the following will get you to TL1 in no time.


How do I become IFATC do I apply or something


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Ok cool thanks 👍

Hey there,
About a month ago I applied for an ATC trainer but due to errors on my part, I haven’t been able to ask for a trainer until three days ago. Would someone please be able to direct me to the ATC trainer forum to complete as I haven’t been able to find it?
Thanks a lot!

You can request training through the form below:


Thanks mate!

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Hey! I haven’t heard from a trainer yet. It’s been more then 72 hours.

@AviationJack they’re really busy people. I say are sure you meet all the requirements, and if you do, wait another day or so and try to message them again in the same thread.


Arighty. I’ll do that.

No, don’t submit another request, I’ll bump the original one for you :). We were having an issue with the form.

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Is there still an age minimum?

Check the reply by Tom :)


Yeah alright because I am 3 months from 14 years old so I could potentially start the training process

You can start the testing process in 3 months when you meet the requirements, then when you take the theory test (1st test) you will be able to receive help from the training team.


I wouldn’t actually want to become IFATC from this - I would just like to have more training and touch up for the classic TS ATC if that is available👍

You may consider joining Plane and Pilot then. They offer ATC training and a fun ATC program for people who either want to or don’t want to join IFATC. I’ll PM you with info.