ATC Training

This is just a friendly reminder to all to only submit ONE request. Submitting more than one request may lead to you not being selected for training. Thanks!


Thank you, I have submitted my “one” request.
Standing by.


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Is there an age requirement?

Well you do need to be 14 years of age to be in IFATC so if your in training you would want to be either like a month away from 14 or over 14 years of age

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I have 10 1/2 months to go.

All of the information can be found here


Please wait until you are 14 then. We’ve got a lot of people waiting so it’s best to use our resources for those that are eligible right now and also ensuring that training is fresh in your mind when you do begin the recruiting process. Thanks!


I am a member of an Infiniteflight group where I do the voice work ATC (Via Discord) and ATC in the training, and using charts, so we increase the real experience … According to what I read, I see that in the training they accept young people under 16 years old, are these responsible enoug, And I could apply for IFATC?

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According to the recruiting requirements, you have to be at least 14 years old.

Oh I understand, it’s because of the requirements hehe
As for age, I think I’m already too old, at 30 years old. hehehe

There are several controllers on the sim who would be near retirement age now if they were irl


Am I allowed to change my recruiter since the one I’m talking to is taking forever to respond and continue with the training.


Your trainer will get back to you eventually, if they’re very busy then they may pass you onto another trainer. If it’s been a week or two then you may have to bump the PM in case they’ve missed it.

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Candidates requesting training must be in the ATC Recruiting process and have taken at least one written knowledge exam. The training request form will require you to select whether or not you have begun the recruiting process and what the results of your written knowledge exam were.

This allows our trainers to better gauge your level of knowledge and commitment prior to training, also giving specific deficiencies to address with trainees to maximize effectiveness of training.

Those who are already in the training process do not need to comply with this and are grandfathered in

Effective 24 February 2019


I think everyone should be tested and debugged those who do not meet the required skills, I know that there are people who are capable and doing an excellent job and have a very good coordination, I congratulate those who do so. But this is just my opinion, I have flown in controlled areas and the work is phenomenal, also many pilots do not always follow the guidelines. Great Job.


I filled a form for getting a trainer and i realized I did it wrong,
I gave the training date for the next day (I misread the give 72hr for trainer to contact).so is there a way to cancel that and me to give a new form in?or do I stick with the form and discuss with my trainer?

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That’s not a big deal, no need to submit another form :)
A trainer with a similar time zone will be contacting you soon.


Ohh that is just so long time to i can try to be an IFATC, that is 2 years to, i’m just 12 years but i practicing now to that so i will be a
IFATC and a very good IFATC.


Same here:(

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Good luck!Our Future IFATC!