ATC Training

How I use expert ATC

You’ll need to be part of IFATC. Do read the OP’s thread to see how you can be a part of it.

I don’t found Recruiting

Are you trying to become IFATC?


I understand. To become IFATC, you must message a recruiter. You can find a list of the recruiters on the thread below;

Please make sure that you meet all the requirements

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Does that answer your question?

I have already sent messages to recruiters but they don’t reply to me

Have you made sure to follow all the requirements? Plus, you should only message one.

The recruiters are extremely busy these days with a large number of applications. Be sure you meet all of the requirements, provide the necessary information, and remain patient. They’ll get to you.

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When did you message them?

I follow the requirements

I sent message to one but he didn’t reply

When did you message them? They can take 2-3 days at times.

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Then you should wait a few days, they’ll get back to you soon.

Alright, let’s not go in circles. The recruiting queue has gone up lately (with everyone being home and whatnot). Who knows how long the wait is these days? If they follow the instructions in the recruiting post (which you’ve linked), they will be more than okay.


Because I use ATC training server and I have 4360 operations

Your question has already been answered. Training and recruiting requests have gone up significantly recently. They will get back to you.

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Keep in mind we are extremely busy currently, especially with the current situation that is going on so more people are staying at home and that in turn means more applicants.

Please ensure that you provide ALL of the necessary information that we require.


I signed up for ATC training on 30 march for 3 April which is… TODAY!! But here was no contact so far. Did I apply too late? Shall I have to sign up again for next week? I’m afraid if it might be against the rule. (Only one request for one person something like that)