ATC Training

How could I get trained?

Check out this thread to begin:


I have blanked the request form
Should I wait for the answer?

Make sure you double-check the requirements for training. As you have not taken a written, you do not currently qualify.

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How can I get a written test

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Message one of the people here with the required information (if you qualify).

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Hello I have filled the form and booked a training session. I have passed the test with 84% and @Adam_Williams is my recruiter 🙂

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You need to give the trainers some time. Remember, they have lives outside of IF and IFC, too.


The training team is currently undergoing a personnel change to better ensure we can provide quality coverage and services to those who need them. Please be patient while we undergo this transition and feel free to message me if your inquiries have not been responded to in a lengthy period of time.

I thank our former trainers for the time they’ve put in this far into making this program run as smoothly as possible. New additions will follow soon. :)


I honestly can’t wait to just be accepted into the atc program. I only need trust level. But can wait! I’m always doing atc on the training server and usually try for lax or other busy airports. IFC Jake is my username if you see me!


Keep going, Jake! We can’t wait to have you on board with us. No secret to ranking up other than doing what you’re doing, positive interactions, and the rest falls into place.


I have to wait until November until my ghosts gets 60 days out. I better keep training in the meantime!

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I submitted a training request form for a training session yesterday afternoon. Do I submit another one or wait for someone to contact me?


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Hello, Luke!

A trainer will reach out as soon as they claim your request and can begin your training. We appreciate the patience!



Thanks Tyler, really excited to start!

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Has a trainer contacted you yet as of now? I checked your request and it appears to have been claimed.


Yes they have, thanks for the help Josh 👍🏽


I know it’s been months but ATC specialist sounds a lot more higher ranking than Officer. In most organisation such you have the General Officer with say 2yrs experience (for arguments sake) and then the specialist with like 10.

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That could be the case in some organisations but when it comes to IFATC the ranks are as follows:

  • After you pass your practical, you will become a IFATC Apprentice which only allows you to open Class Charlie airports or below.

  • After a period of time controlling and providing the best quality of service to pilots you will be promoted to IFATC Specialist which allows you to open Class Bravo airports as well.

  • After 60 days as a IFATC Specialist you can then request to commence training to become a IFATC Officer which is the next rank and that is where you are radar certified and can control approach and departure.

  • The last rank is IFATC Supervisor which is a manual promotion. The benefit of being a IFATC Supervisor is that you can open all frequencies at once. Handy when you are at a quieter airport.


Hi, I am looking to become IFATC around April 2020 and I want to know if any trainers could give me some tips to becoming IFATC?