ATC Training

You may consider joining Plane and Pilot then. They offer ATC training and a fun ATC program for people who either want to or don’t want to join IFATC. I’ll PM you with info.


I’m above the threshold for operations as ATC and now I just need to get my XP from 21,000 to TS3 level.

I’ve done it before so hopefully I won’t be far out.

Hope to be in soon!

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Oh haha I’m already in it silly me

Just take your time, don’t rush. :)


Can I participate?

You can undergo training with one of our IFATC Trainers once you’ve attempted the written element of the IFATC Entry Tests, by contacting a recruiter linked here. You can then fill out the form linked in the original post of this thread, to request training.

Is 1,857 operations enough 🤣

That doesn’t really matter…

That matters 👇

I meant to apply to become one. IRL the 1800 just means I have to much time on my hands.


You can not apply. The ATC Trainers are skilled controllers and hand picked by Tyler and other ATC administrators.

{PS: 1800 ops isn’t that much}

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I see what I was talking about is lost in translation. I haven’t even started the process to become IFATC certified. And in the grand scheme of things I get it, I know the minimum was 500 to apply. But thank you for the information. Happy Landings!


A few days ago I completed the form to start my training and still do not give me an answer

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Be patient. The trainers are very busy and do all of this during their free time in their real lives.

Also, have you made sure you meet all of the requirements listed at the top such as working with a recruiter and completing an exam?

I’m a trainer and see your request. You did not attempt a theory test yet, please contact a recruiter. I’d recommend reading the entire manual, and section 11 especially.


How could I get trained?

Check out this thread to begin:


I have blanked the request form
Should I wait for the answer?

Make sure you double-check the requirements for training. As you have not taken a written, you do not currently qualify.

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How can I get a written test

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Message one of the people here with the required information (if you qualify).

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