ATC Training

Are you already a controller looking to sharpen your skills? Are you ready to start the IFATC testing process but want to get some training to ensure you’re 100% prepared? The Infinite Flight ATC Training Team is available and ready to train motivated users that want to learn Air Traffic Control procedures for ground, tower, and radar facilities!



The ATC Training Team trains potential ATC candidates and current controllers to ensure test readiness and a high level of quality!


  • Must be at least a TL1 on the Community Forum
  • Must have at least two weeks of individual training to include live server practice and tutorial review
  • Must be in the ATC Recruiting process and have completed at least one ATC written knowledge exam.
  • If IFATC, must have at least 60 days as an ATC Specialist prior to formally training for a radar position

Steps to begin training:

  • Ensure you meet all requirements listed above

  • Complete one Training Request Form to be assigned a trainer
    Note: failure to provide accurate information may invalidate your training request

  • Allow up to 72 hours for a qualified trainer to contact you via the Community Forum

  • Only utilize one trainer. Once you’ve established communication with your trainer you no longer need to fill out additional requests. Communicate directly with your trainer for all future training sessions.

  • Stay open to feedback!

Items Trained:

Ground Awareness, Taxi Instructions, Give Way Commands, Runway Selection, Takeoff Clearances, Pattern Entry, Sequencing, Runway Changes, Transitions, Spacing Maneuvers, Approach Vectors, ILS Approaches, GPS Approaches, Radar Patterns, Center functions, and much more!

Trainers should not be used to learn every aspect of Air Traffic Control. An important characteristic all successful controllers must possess is the ability to seek an answer on their own. Please check out the IFATC Tutorial Videos prior to contacting a trainer so that we may better serve you!

Official Infinite Flight ATC YouTube Tutorials

ATC Training Request Form

ATC Training Schedule

Effective 24 February 2019


Candidates requesting training must be in the ATC Recruiting process and have taken at least one written knowledge exam. The training request form will require you to select whether or not you have begun the recruiting process and what the results of your written knowledge exam were.

This allows our trainers to better gauge your level of knowledge and commitment prior to training, also giving specific deficiencies to address with trainees to maximize effectiveness of training.

Those who are already in the training process do not need to comply with this and are grandfathered in


If you’re already actively training you do not need to a submit a new training form. You will also be grandfathered in and may continue training regardless of whether or not you meet the above requirements.


If I have sent a request the old way, but haven’t got I reply, I don’t need to do it the new way do I?


If you have not yet began training or received a reply please fill out the form to get going!


Hello. My question is how many operations are required to apply ?!

And what is ment by atc specialist ?


So would we stay in contact with the same trainer or do we have to put in a new training request every session that we want to train?




It’s addressed there. Stick with your current trainer and they’ll schedule all future training. No need to resubmit a request if you’re already working with someone.

@George_Anastasis no specific ops requirement. If you’re not an expert controller, the specialist portion doesn’t apply to you.


To those who have submitted a training request, please allow some extra time for your request to be processed. Many of our trainers are busy for the holidays, and/or already are working with numerous trainees. The requests for training have increased significantly since we rolled out the new form. Thanks for your understanding!


I passed written and my practical i barely missed. (Over controlled instead of having faith in the pilots. But after flying around on the training server, I don’t trust those people. Lol)

Anyways, i need a training session or 2 so I can retake my practical.



Good feedback for others in a similar position. It’s tough to leave those habits at the door but we’ll get you prepared. Fill out the form to get going! 🙂


Can I just be ATC in Infinite Flight on on the TRANING server?


Yes, of course you can :)


So I do not need to join the ATC Forum?

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No, you are more than welcome to stick to controlling on the Training Server. This form is for those who aspire to join IFATC yet require or would like some training to become the best they can before attempting the IFATC tests.


Hello there I was once ATC controller on expert but lost it due to my own fault but I was wondering if I can get back to controlling, looking to do one specific area when it’s zone of the week

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Obviously I’m not sure of the circumstances @Barrie_Gunn, but your best bet is to message Tyler Shelton regarding the issue as he is the ATC Community Manager.

I sent in a request for training over three weeks ago. Can I have an update on when I would get a reply please?

Hmm, I don’t actually see your name in our database.