ATC training

Is there a link or a website that I can go to learn about how infinite flight ATC works and how to use it, or how to respond to ATC when flying, so I don’t make people mad because I can tell people hate it when you mess up their flight or delay them?

Once I was making a flight and I was at an airport and ATC told me to do take ATC training tutorial and thats why I asking


Read this link and contact a trainer to help you out.

Use the #tutorials sections and watch all the ATC tutorials, here are the basic ones.

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Hi @Jack_Q,
I’d recommend you to take a look at #tutorials. It will have all basic instructions and guides to expert server flying.

Here are a few other important links for you to peruse through at your own pace :)

Hope you enjoy the Expert Server!

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Also on youtube the channel
Official Infinite Flight ATC
has all of @Tyler_Shelton training videos.

You guys are the best thank you!


Jackson, you’re asking the right questions and you’ve received some good answers.

Do you know already why in this case the controller told you to check help pages?
Because, if you wish, we could try and help you with this specific situation, and try to see what you did wrong and why the controller referred you to the Help Pages. If you want that, perhaps you can tell us what the situation was, what the ATC instructions were, and what you did.

If you’re cool for now, that’s fine too and I guess we can close this topic.

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