I’ll be open for about 1 / 2 hours so feel free to come.

Come do patterns or simply just arrivals/departures, test my limits.


Controlling pretty good. Sorry I crashed and had to go. Overall pretty good!!

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Lol i saw your crash, shame you had to go

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A-10s are hard to control when turning. Not your usual jet

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I know it is. That’s why i don’t fly it usually

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What is the point of this topic if you don’t accept pattern work. Don’t do this, you are wasting my time since I am here to help people and give feedback about their controlling. Remove the “ATC Training” from the title of this topic please.

I do accept pattern work, i said in the topic “Come do patterns”

No, you do not. You said to every other plane that you were not accepting pattern work.

Oops didn’t notice it was you, pattern work accepted only for community members.With some traffic going i was concentrated on a guy who wasn’t following my instructions, I am sorry for the inconvineince.Come back again and I am sorry.

Accept all pattern work or do not accept pattern work. Make a choice as this is vague.

Pro tip: if you want helpful feedback without nimrods, open an airport in an inactive region. As this region was currently used by many others and thus attracts nimrods.

Alright, I will accept all pattern work, even if it is a community menber or not.Because sometimes people don’t know what Remaining in the pattern means that’s why.

And thanks for the tip! I also was dealing with some nimrods…

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Still open if you want to come…

Another time. Mention me when you start another time and i’ll try if it fits.

Thanks, sorry for my mistake.

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Good job! And you don’t need to correction to give sequence after pattern instruction. Continue to practice and you will finally get an IFATC!

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Thanks for the tips, will follow this next time!

Have a happy controls! ;)

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