ATC Training TS1 - KRSW (CLOSED)

You guys might remenber my latest ATC Training that I did in EGLC.If not check it out.

Anyway’s, today I will be practicing at KRSW, pattern work is appreciated and only reserved for community members.If it gets too full just come to test my arrivals/departures.

In the end I would like some feedback to see where I can improve next time! Come and fly along!

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Don’t forget pattern entries for those not already in the pattern (i.e. coming from elsewhere) and sequencing precede clearance.

Also, don’t forget to clear for the option if they request touch and go. Not every touch and go will be patternwork. Sometimes a pilot may just be doing one pass at several airports around the region, but if they announce inbound for touch and go, they need to be cleared for option.

I know TS is hairy as far as knowing which pilots know what they’re doing, but if a pilot reports position or announces inbound touch and go several times, check that you haven’t cleared for landing only before you tell them “already cleared”.

Thanks for the patterns. Some nasty wind, though. :)


Thanks for the feedback, the other pilot was actually going for another airport and i tought that touch and go was always pattern work,thanks for the advice!

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