ATC Training (TS1) - EGSS (CLOSED)

Currently open.Come test me on arrivals/departures and pattern work, but also train me on arrivals.

Come along

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I will come in maybe 5-10 mins if you’ll wait.

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Ok I’m coming.

Callsign N-90D

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You did fine, although you never sequenced me. The first time you didn’t have to, since I was number 1 in the pattern. But the second time, I was number 3 and you just cleared me with no sequencing. Go watch the pattern tutorial by Mark Denton! They are super informal and help a lot!

See you in the skies


i was going to sequence you but then you left.

You always sequence first before the clearance

At first time I forgot

Ook but sorry I had to leave.😅

No problem, im going to open up later, hope you can come again!

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