ATC Training TS1 - EGLC (CLOSED)

Come and test me at this challenging airport, pattern work is accepted

I’ll come to EGLC on Training Server 1

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Way too much traffic and people for such small airport, there were so many requests, so many spams, it got me distracted and also people entering the runway without permission, sorry for all the mistakes.


I would pick another airport next time, one the has less people, that way you only get the ones you ask for ( from the forum. I’ll PM you some feedback

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Hey there was just flying,

Feedback as follows.

Ground control fine.

Tower work, nice use of line up and wait, you seen the aircraft over the threshold and you expedited my departure by using a LUAW,

First pattern was very good, right sequencing and correct clearance, with the maintain best forward speed it’s not always possible in a GA aircraft.

Second pattern is where you lost a lot of control, even without the nimrods there which I know turned up, you could of utilised the commands such as extend downwind, il call your base, these commands are their for you to organise your pattern, used along speed commands you can accommodate far more aircraft than what you had, another note you don’t have to have all traffic in a right pattern, split them up, could of put me on left being in a GA even with a commercial or two just so you can give yourself time to organise your airspace and make it much more effecient.

Hope this helps

SJW02 - IFATC Trainer


Thanks for the tips and feedback, I will definitely use the both right/left traffic next time!And there was a guy that distracted me a bit, he was always entering the runway without permission that caused a lot of go arrounds and then several other aircraft requested inbound, in this I was trying to figure a command out that I did not find, I wanted to tell some aircraft that had departed to not do pattern work while they were in the air because at that time the pattern work wasn’t congested.Then the disaster, every aircraft said they were departing north but then requesting landing, also other aircraft coming from London Heathrow and with this I had 11 aircraft inbound and had to sequence pattern work traffic with landing traffic quickly plus the aircraft that already did land into the runway, next time I’ll be better and I will try a non-busy airport.

Thanks for coming!

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