ATC Training - TS1 EGHH (CLOSED)

The other time I did a mistake and now learned it, come if you can!

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I’ll be coming, G-OWST C172 Local to the north.

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Thanks for the ATC!

A few things:

In Britain you cannot clear an aircraft to land when someone else is on the runway, when I get told I’m cleared to land I know that’s my runway but however with you I could not trust, also the go-around wasn’t necessary, the high acceleration of the departing aircraft and low speed of my aircraft meant that I could ‘Land After’ the departing aircraft, this goes for arriving aircraft as well. Also sending land clearances like this " Example number 2 runway 36 clear to land" is a no do thing in Britain, you could say continue approach and then clear them to land after the other aircraft has landed, if it was a commercial landing behind a commercial then you would tell the number 2 to go around since, if its GA then tell it to continue but do not clear it to land unless the runway is clear.

If you need anymore help feel free to contact me!

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Since I am not from Britain I do not know those regulations, I’m sorry.

It is perfectly fine 👍 just try not to clear ACFT to land whilst the runway is occupied.

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Also you did really tight patterns i tought that you would leave some space while the other aircraft was departing. So i cleared him to take-off. I could not send a “extend downwind” instruction because you were number one and traffic was 5 miles away

Sorry for late reply but still either way you shouldn’t clear someone to enter the runway when someone else is cleared to enter the runway.

Uhhh… well you’re a bit wrong here. it’s fine to clear someone to land as number 2 while the other is cleared, by clearing them you expect using common sense the other aircraft will have had time to exit the runway before the aircraft lands

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Not in the U.K it’s not!

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This is perfectly acceptable to clear aircraft with someone on the runway on Infinite Flight, as we follow the FAA guidelines while also allowing controllers to apply their local regs as a personal preference. I appreciate the help but we also want to ensure that there is no spread of misinformation. I’d recommend continuing to work at qualifying for the IFATC minimum requirements as well. Thanks!


Can you show me the official rule of this? A quote with a source?

Hi Tyler,

I was giving a personal preference and yes what I was talking about had no links to the FAA but I the CAA.

If I was ATC that’s what I’d be doing, not clearing number 2’s to land (As strange as that may sound). Since I live in he U.K and I’m currently a P/UT at Blackpool this is what I’ve been told+talking to some real controllers across the U.K.

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Is this trying to annoy me or something?

No, I just wish to see proof of your statement

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The proof is knowledge I have learnt, if you wish to see the official statement you can go search it up yourself.

I think Tyler’s wealth of experience in the Air Force as a controller trumps your second hand knowledge. However, as he said it is personal preference If a decision has been reached, why continue to argue on a public thread. Take it to PM next time.

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We know FAA rules differ from European rules. But for someone trying to become IFATC, in IF, which doesn’t follow European rules, it’s not salient.

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I wasn’t arguing Tyler I was simply telling him why I had thought this.

But if what I have done is wrong I apologise.

Also, just to let you know. There is actually no rule stating they can not clear a number 2 aircraft to land on the official documentation;

From what I could infer, you can be cleared at any time, and it is up to the pilot to keep to that order - Appednix 7 and 10

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