Atc training (trainer)

I’m’ really interested in being an IFATC, but have an issue of not being able to answer to requests quickly, which causes all the pilots on my frequency not to follow my instructions and keep on sending duplicate and unnecessary messages, especially on busy airports like Heathrow and Los Angeles.

I really need a trainer to train me well before getting to do the written test to become an Air Traffic Controller on the Expert Server.

Thanks to any qualified Air Traffic controller who is willing to help.

Thanks to the community and developers✌

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Luckily, there’s a topic conveniently in the ATC category to help you get in touch with a trainer!


To contact a trainer you must have attempted the written test. Since you stated you haven’t done so yet, please contact a recruiter to set it up. Best of luck!


Thanks for the quick update.

I’ve attempted the written test about a week ago and failed😂. I will not be able to retake it until after 4 weeks, so thought to my self why not train for it, then by the time I can retake the test it, i will be able to pass

Since you attempted the written test, feel free to contact a trainer through the link that @DiamondGaming4 provided.

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