ATC Training Tool, the App "ATC4Real"

If your a budding AT Controller or an old hand pushing iron I suggest you download the Free App “ATC4Real” from the Apple App Store as a tutorial or refresher. It’s a good thing! Max Sends


I love the ATC4Real apps - there is a lot of em, and they should be mandatory for anyone wanting to become an ATC controller in infinite flight, just my opinion though…


Will have a look at that, just been IFEP rated and hopefully getting tested for ATC playground crew! Always a pleasure to learn from the veteran!


John Gerard


Congratulations John! “Do Good Work”. Regards, Max

Cheers Max! I will! Quick question about the app, do you have to buy the regions?

Erm, yep, each airport pack comes with about three airports, but you can select individual ones if you like. Be careful though, there are two types, the pro ( recommended) and older versions that don’t link into the global resource update. The beauty is, that you don’t automatically qualify for every airport. Each one is different with different approach and departure routes. So you have to re-qualify for each airport. They do use real time flight arrivals and departures so be careful about jumping into something like KLAX. It can get tense quickly. Rightly so, I suppose. I suggest buying airports you are planning to man in IF and check out the routes.

There are tests for playground ATC? Since when?

Pardon, but the real problem we as ATC cant really do our job right in infinite flight is due to people being impatient, being stubborn to follow instruction. I mean for example KLAX can be super busy at times with landing and takeoff. Honestly, there should be a practice server just reserve for people who are serious about playing and practicing (advanced server is too high to achieve for me to play). This server should grant the ATC to ghost players too…