ATC Training Thread [TS1] (KPBI) South Florida Region- CLOSED

I’m open and would like some feedback, so come at any time to test my limits!

My thread for any trainings, so I don’t clog up the forums everytime I do a training.

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I will come in a 787. N202PC

It’s on the Amesterdam region, not on the London one.

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Ok, then I’m on my way:-D


Aircraft: Boeing BBJ
Callsign: N731AJ

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Good luck!

I will head over, ill be sure to give you some feedback after. How long are you sticking around for?

around more 40 minutes

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Very nice job! Sorry, but I had to leave early.

You closed… ;/

O well

Thanks for coming, it began to be a nightmare when you left 8 aircraft inbound, 3 going in red runways…I’ll try next time in like airports where the traffic is not that crazy.

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I recommend watching these tutorials below;

Try and understand everything Tyler explains in the tutorials.
You showed potential :) keep researching how to control and never be shy to ask questions.

Also try your best to ignore incompetent pilots and focus on the ones that are following instructions. Don’t let them overwhelm you.

Anymore questions feel free to PM me.

Callsign: KE-AST

IFATC Trainer,


The link contains 20 tutorials. I’m not implying you made any bad decisions on the ground.


Thanks for coming, I’ll be sure to re-watch all of them.

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Open at Rotterdam, come in and do patterns. Please, nothing bigger than a 737.

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I might be able to come

I was American 0073. I didn’t see any wrongly given commands, impressive. Good job! Did you already contact a recruiter for IFATC?

One pro tip though: apply a bit more separation between airplanes.

Thanks for the feedback, that not so good seperation was caused by a Triple 7 that I said alot of times that it was too large for the airport and then he just ignored me and continued with approach,happy flying!

I saw, no worries. But it’s still a valid tip apart from that specific plane. :)

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Rip me, still open and the only people that land here are A380’s and heavies…

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I’ll come by. Still at the same airport?