ATC Training Team

I don’t think he can. TL0…

Ahhh good point sir ! I am sure Mark will or a mod will split his post into a PM with the relevant IFATC scout.

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Two questions :

  • I am under age ( 13 years old ) can i still contact a scout ?

  • I live in Hong Kong, should i contact the nearest scout ?

From what I heard you can get training until you are 14 years of age.

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Once you receive a higher TL, contact me or the other scouts in the list above. Thanks!

Just bumping this up guys if anyone is interested in starting the process.

Plus we have had a rebrand!


May I inquire as to the rebrand?

Check the edit history of the post.

Isn’t this the scout team?

Yes, rebranded to be more accurate.


Oh okay, thank you for explaining.

What does PM mean? .

Private message, click their name then click message.

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Private message aka DM / Direct message.

Unfortunately, you can’t send those yet as you are a new member. But read a few topics and such and you’ll be a basic user in no time. Then you can send PM’s. :)


He can’t PM he’s a New User.

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I have been reading so much and liking so many posts, i have posted 4 posts but I am still a new user. How do I move up?

Just now I received “basic user”

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Perfect! Contact @GHamsz for testing. Best of luck!


Thank you so much! .

is it too late for me to join