ATC Training Team

No Worries. Thank you.


What’s that? And how can I join in?

PM a recruiter, being a IFATC allows you to control on expert, but there are requirements before you can join.

Which requirements?

The ones stated here:

I think I have all of these requirements

Then contact one of the recruiters stated in that post. :)

Attention all trainees currently working with a scout:

We have seen a major increase in trainees branching off to receive training from the ATC “department” of our community VAs. If your trainer finds that you’re being trained by others as well your training will end promptly and the test process will be at your own risk.

Our trainers dedicate a lot of their volunteered time to train you and prepare you to pass the IFATC testing process. By training with other non-qualified members you’re potentially learning the wrong way or gaining faulty information. We are perfectly fine having others fly for you and give you traffic, but allow our awesome trainers do the training to expedite your process.

Remember, our trainers have jobs, school and other obligations that take precedence over IFATC Training. Stay patient and I promise they’ll do their best to accommodate your schedule and help out. If there is still an issue I will make a separate thread to address it. Thanks for all of your hard work and cooperation!


I’d like to practice my atc skills but I’m in Australia. I’m not sure who to contact.

Now that you mention it, I did have $1000 lying around somewhere ;)

@dush19 may be the closest to you in terms of time zones. Try contacting him.


Hi, how do I get in touch with you

You will have to wait until you are a higher trust level to message him or he will message you. =)

Do you know how to get a higher trust level?

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Try reading some posts, before you know it you’ll reach the next trust level.

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I am sure @NEO , will see the notification from your tag and PM you instead …


How do i know if he PM’s me

You will receive a green circular icon notification next to your profile picture name on the right hand side :)

Green icon- PM
Blue - Everything else ( replies, likes, etc…)


I want to do this but I can’t figure out how to contact anyone. Please help

Hi @Jacob_Puckett,

Welcome to the IFC , if you feel you are ready to make the move contact a scout. FYI they are listed above via which continent they are based in…

Good luck