ATC Training Team

Hi, contact one of the scouts mentioned above.

If anyone is seeking a scout/trainer feel free to get in touch.


I’ve seen a few IFATC members in action and they are great controllers!
Saying that, why shouldn’t I give it a go! Looks like @Mats_Edvin_Aaro is the man. Send me a message when your available buddy. Cheers

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Just a quick one guys,

If you have a scout and they are struggling to fit your schedule or vice versa your more than welcome to message another scout to get some practice in, please just let them know who your original scout is so they can pass the feedback on.

Cheers guys


Hello Scout Team,

I see that there are 8 scouts available for the US and I’d like to get some training and feedback.
Is it okay that I’m only G2?

Which scout am I to message first?
Seems like it’s really based on the scouts’ and my mutual availability, so not sure how that gets sorted out.

In any case, I’m usually available after 05:00 Zulu and I’ve got ~22,000XP. G2.

Looking forward to hearing back.


i belive you have to be G3( Grade 3 ) to apply , however i may be wrong.

Good luck none the less !

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Hmmmm…perhaps you’re right. I’d think that would be mentioned in the original post, though.
I didn’t see any restrictions, pre-req’s listed. Perhaps it’s a judgement call based on the evaluation by the scout? Guess we’ll find out soon enough! :)

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It’s okay if you contact a scout before you’re grade 3; just make sure you’re grade 3 prior to contacting a recruiter to begin the recruitment process.

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Fantastic! Thanks @Henrik

It is mentioned in another IFATC thread , however it should be mentioned on this thread. Maybe a integrated thread be created …

See the minimum requirements part in the thread below :)

Maybe we could have some of our ATC look at this?

Do you need a ATC?

What do you mean?

We have an ATC Dept In BA, they would value some extra training @Joshua_Fleming

The scouts only train prospective IFATC candidates.


Hey I’m new, and I’m interested about the ATC training I just watched the tutorial but when I try to make the same acts it’s completely different, is there any other tutorial?

Feel free to PM me if you want, I’ll try and answer any questions you may have. @Julian10

Thank you, what’s the difference between ATC Tower and ATC central?

I´m sorry - We only give training to people planning on joining IFATC :)