ATC Training Team

@RTG113 has also been added. He has a long history of helping us out with testing- his expertise in that area is a valuable addition to the team. Welcome!


Wait, am I allowed to join the team even though I am not IFATC?

@RTG113 is a member of the IFATC. As far as I know, you have to be a member of IFATC in order to be a trainer.

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Oh, I had a misunderstanding. I thought taught they train you to become an IFATC. Ok, thank you.

Yes, we do Train you to become an IFATC. If you would like help and touch up on some things for your practical test then you would contact one of us so we can help you. To become a Trainer, you must be IFATC and be hand selected by the Boss.

Welcome @RTG113 and Congrats, you worked for it and deserve it. Glad to have you part of our team. 👏🏾


Very ecstatic to be here. My inbox is always open!


In another move to diversify our portfolio a bit, I’d like to introduce @CS_Aus_TB20GT to the team. He’s a senior radar controller and has been here for quite some time. Additionally, being from Australia, trainees closer to that time zone will be able to contact him for a quicker response.


I’ve contacted every UK trainer

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Looks like you forgot to read that part…


Woopsy daisy I messed up

Dear @Hezz,
I would like to take lesson for ground and tower control. How should I contact with you (trainer)??
Name; takeP, around 1,900 operations for 2months, grade 5

You have to be TL1 (basic user) to be able to contact a trainer.

You can read more about Trust Levels here:

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Thank you for your input. I will start to learn how to use this forum.

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OKay, I will. Thank you!

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Can I do some training I am in the UK, would it be possible?

Of course it is. You are more than welcome to PM one of the UK trainers listed below. Please make sure you use the appropriate format and provide all the information, which can be found in the main post.

Can I contact a trainer if I had failed the IFATC practical test?

Yes you can, only contact one though. :)


I’m having trouble with the operations counter, I would have applied for IFATC by now except it stopped counting at 381. Is this a known issue?