ATC Training Team

Oh, well as long as we know what you are saying which I do, you should be fine.

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We don’t understand @MarcelloM but he’s one of the best


@Solocup also didn’t know much English when he joined, he knows a lot now though !


I have plans to get on a good English course because of this. It is that thought: “Let us join the useful to the pleasant.” 🙂


You don’t even have to get the course. Trust me, IFATC is the course.

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As my friend @anon66442947 🙄 said,is not necessary to speak English (who dared),i travel everywhere in the world speaking Italian and never i had any problems 🙁.

Let’s be serious,you need to know English because all the commands,tutorials,manuals are in English but buddy… do you know GOOGLE TRANSLATE? so use that and everything will be good!
Good luck!


I already use Google Tanslate. What I said was that the information that came to me was that it was a requirement to speak English conversationally. But since you say it’s not that necessary, great!

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Hello @anon66442947. I’m new on the form. Could you direct me in the way to get advice on ATC?

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Hello, you need to be TL2 to PM a trainer. Trust levels depend on your activity on the forum. I suggest you create an ATC Tracking Thread to start off

Could you maybe explain what that is and how I should go about doing it? That would be a big help.

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Just read some posts, and you should be set :)

You can look at Mathews post below. However to answer your question, at the moment, you are unable to contact a trainer. If you read the thread, you must privatly PM a trainer of your XP. Just contribute and be active on the forums, and you should be able to contact Tom soon

Ok, cool. Thanks for the help!

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Friendly reminder to all current and future trainees: please be patient with the training team. We haven’t forgotten about you. Do keep in mind that we all have very busy lives outside of Infinite Flight and it’s also very hard to find pilots to fly in training sessions. While you wait to commence your training, go through the numerous tutorials and YouTube videos created by awesome people which will surely help expedite your training process.

Thanks, all!


Quick question what about people in Australia and New Zealand just wondering that’s all

You would contact the trainer with the time zone best suited for you.

@Hezz is the closest for you guys!

I’d like to become an ATC on expert please?

Follow the instructions on the top of the forum.


Please have a look as this post as your answer is stated there