ATC Training Team

Well it stopped counting about a month ago, and I’m pretty sure both of my devices have died since then, so yes.

Also on LiveFlight it says I have zero logged ATC comms…

LiveFlight will only show your operations once you become IFATC.

Regarding in game count try restarting. If that doesn’t help open a #support topic and they’ll be able to help you out better there.

That makes sense, thanks!

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Ok, I just spent since my last reply controlling EGLL tower (absolute hell with people getting impatient), restarted IF and no change, restarted iPad and no change :P is there a delay in the system that I need to wait for?

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I’m opening a #support thread

edit: just found one already created

How can I become an ATC?

Hello sir,

If you actually read the OP’s post at the beginning of this thread, you will get all the information you need. Also see the topic below.


@Dillon_Lewis (or any other recruiter) can you send me a message? Jason sent me here to get up with a recruiter about some stuff and I can’t send you a msg.

Current part 121 airline pilot, looking to come on as an IFATC and Jason wants to make sure I’m up to date on all policies and procedures and get some training in to get the ball rolling. Thanks!


Hi, how could I get an ATC training?

Hi Again,

You need to PM one of the trainers. They are all equally suited to the role and the only key difference is their time zone! Click on the users profile to send a PM and await a response from one of them.


Ok I’m sorry for that, I’ll send PM


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I would like to join and be a controller. What’s the first step?

I would love to join. Is there any recruiter I should contact because of whatever country I’m from?

Preferably, try to reach out to someone from your country. Scheduling a practical will be much easier that way.

I hope I’ll get there one day…