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Just go controlling they will come!

You can see your ATC operation count by going to ‘Air Traffic Control’ and looking in the top right corner. In this image, the controller has 570 operations.


The post below explains what is considered to be an operation.

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Bro, The operations thingy. Is it a Training server feature or expert server?

Operations can be obtained on both servers.

So since I’m not an IFATC, I need to have 500 operations on training server to be an IFATC.

You need to have 500 operations to apply for IFATC. After that, you have to take two tests.
See this post:


Thanks for the information, brother!
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Hi John,

You’re currently unable to message a recruiter because your account is still considered as a new user under the Trust Level system that this forum runs off of. By interacting on the forum you’ll be able to message a recruiter outlined in the initial post that Tyler posted. Until then, participate a little more by liking, commenting and posting productive content and you’ll be able to message your recruiter sooner than you know it.



Hello IFC,

To everyone who is new here, wants to join the IFATC, and may try to ask to join under this post because they can’t PM anyone, please do not do that. That does not increase your chances to become an IFATC member. It only shows your incapability to read and follow instructions.

Try reading this post and the comments. Also read the community guidelines and start learning your way around the forum. Give the posts and comments you like some love by hitting the heart button under the post/comment. Make productive and positive comments under stuff as well. I can guarantee if you do all of that, you will be able to contact a recruiter in no time.

Just remember that a first impression says a lot about someone. The key to learning is listening.

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Good afternoon,

I’m in the military and have 3 weeks off now and would love to get some more ATC experience. I’ve got 7,050 operations on ATC and I’m grade 3, was 4 but not managed to get on much for my landings.

Who shall I contact regarding some training sessions?

Thank you


All the trainers listed above are happy and willing to help you!!

Hey! I’d love to join the ATC team for expert server. But I just do not know what to do. It is said that you should do some sort of test, but how do you do these tests? Who should you contact?

Contact a Recuiter here


In an effort to streamline things over the next few weeks, I would like to welcome not one, but four new trainers to the team!

@Trio, @tomthetank, @Chief305, and @Bobby are all experienced controllers with plenty of sessions under their belt, and they’re eager to start training. You’re all welcome to message them with any questions or inquiries when it comes to ATC technicalities.


I would like to thank trio who will be giving me my very first training session. I’m so nervous. Any idea 💡 of what it will be like🤔


@RTG113 has also been added. He has a long history of helping us out with testing- his expertise in that area is a valuable addition to the team. Welcome!


Wait, am I allowed to join the team even though I am not IFATC?

@RTG113 is a member of the IFATC. As far as I know, you have to be a member of IFATC in order to be a trainer.

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Oh, I had a misunderstanding. I thought taught they train you to become an IFATC. Ok, thank you.

Yes, we do Train you to become an IFATC. If you would like help and touch up on some things for your practical test then you would contact one of us so we can help you. To become a Trainer, you must be IFATC and be hand selected by the Boss.

Welcome @RTG113 and Congrats, you worked for it and deserve it. Glad to have you part of our team. 👏🏾