ATC Training Team

Are you already a controller looking to sharpen your skills? Are you ready to start the IFATC testing process but want to get some training to ensure you’re 100% prepared? The Infinite Flight ATC Training Team is available and ready to train motivated users that want to learn Air Traffic Control procedures for ground, tower, and radar facilities!

Trainers based on country:








The ATC Training Team trains potential ATC candidates and current controllers to ensure test readiness and a high level of quality!

#Steps to Contact a Trainer:

  • Contact trainer with name, experience, requested training, and availability.
  • Await response and only use one trainer.
  • Schedule time to train.
  • Stay open to feedback!

Items Trained:

Ground Awareness, Taxi Instructions, Give Way Commands, Runway Selection, Takeoff Clearances, Pattern Entry, Sequencing, Runway Changes, Transitions, Spacing Maneuvers, Approach Vectors, ILS Approaches, GPS Approaches, Radar Patterns, Center functions, and much more!

Trainers should not be used to learn every aspect of Air Traffic Control. An important characteristic all successful controllers must possess is the ability to seek an answer on their own. Please check out the IFATC Tutorial Videos prior to contacting a trainer so that we may better serve you!

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Why @Captain_Skywalker?

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I did it to and i also failt, one or two minutes ago

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I also want to be a scout:(


If you are I want you to be my mentor ;)

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Sorry I am not allowed to be your mentor I am only allowed to give you feedback;(


Unlucky Skywalker. I am soon to take mine but at the minute I’m 7 months or so too young although Henrik called me advanced quality.


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I said if you are eligible to be mentor

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I know that is why I sent ;(


Contact one of the scouts that is listed in Tyler’s post if you need help.


Keep in touch with the books and skills :)

Don’t worry I’m controlling every week even doing it right now.

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we can decide who is our mentor or if we have already a recrutier we do with him ?

Just message me or another scout if you want help ;)

And @MarcelloM you choose ;)

This will be a separate process from recruiting. Once you feel ready to re enter the testing process, contact your recruiter :)

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You could skip all this steps by paying me $1000.-

Great stuff this!’ Keep it going guys :)