ATC Training Team

I’ce finished my lesson and just to clarify. I contact one of the trainers and they will train me no matter what age.

If I’m wrong it’s probably the +4 G’s I’ve just hit 😂😂.

Hello everyone is a pleasure to be part of this group! I am in Europe, anyone who needs help, do not hesitate to contact me!


Congratulations buddy this is awesome! Well deserved and incredibly knowledgeable! Perfect for the training team!


I’m in for this what is up

Solid intro but off topic and probably won’t get you much help or consideration when there are clear instructions up above.☝🏻


Hi man,

in addition to what Tyler just said, read the link below for all you need to know on how to get started on the community forum:

Although you joined in December of 2016 it looks like you haven’t been active enough to know how to use the forum…so welcome!

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What if i’m from Moscow, Russia (GMT +3)? Who should i contact? @Tyler_Shelton

Contact the recruiter closest to your location.

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Thank you for the answer!

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Hi @Sam_Keast Cameron here from Sydney Australia. Would you be able to teach me to become an IFATC? Im also a IFAE member.

Hi, @Cameron_M It is best to contact @Sam_Keast Via PM so he can give you proper controlling feedback! Best of luck…

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Hey @Cpt_Chris I have contacted him and he said to post it here

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He is Actually TL1 (Basic User) therefore he can PM :)…

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Ah alright, best of luck with IFATC :)!

thanks! I’ve wanted to become a IFATC for a while now

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@Cameron_M , you must of miss understood my PM. I mean read the above thread “ATC Training Team” and message me your details as mentioned above;

Look forward to hearing from you! 👍🏻


How can I contact you? Email?

Contact them with a PM via this forum :)


Hey i want traing for ATC. I would love that.

As said above, contact a trainer that lives in your same Country (Timezone) via this form and they will contact you soon :)

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