ATC Training Staff

Hello all, I was wondering who is in charge of ATC Training?

For the expert server?

Are you talking about IFATC on the expert server? If so this will give you all the information you need:

I am looking for actual peoples names…
I am on about in general, is someone in charge of ATC Training?

@JoshFly8 is administrator of the ATC Training Team. Try reaching him out via PM if you have any questions.

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I don’t think I can send messages?

Yes, you will have to get to Trust Level 1 to send Private Messages. You will reach there shortly if you continue to be active and contribute in a positive manner, don’t worry.

Is it given automatically or manual?

It’s given automatically, but there are no requirements you can see.

Ahh right ok, thanks!

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Now, that you have reached TL1 (basic user), you can PM. Wasn’t so difficult to reach it, was it :)


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