ATC Training server

Hi, So being an active ATC in training server with very high occupation airports I.E LAX, EGLL, JFK… well im well informed that its a no flying rules there when it comes to being an ATC or an aircraft.

But what i learned from being the controller that theres many good pilots that would like to follow & obay rules, there HAS to be some common ground even in training server so pilots can learn to fly & obay rules so in order to grow them into the Expert server. For a reason its called Training server, cuz its meant to prepare one for Expert server. Now having I.E fighter jets simply flying near airports or airplanes entering runway without permission should also receive some sort of Ghosting.

In another opinion is to tranform the Casual server to include Atc option for non rule compliance pilots to do whatever they want overthere, and make training server with level 1 violations.

Obviously to have the ATC’s go through the same training process in order to become an ATC in any server which would include hours + completion of… course. And have a complete logbook of how many departure/landing aircrafts they did, with each pilot receiving a small survey at the end of each flight to rate their experience with controllers, and those points should be used towards the ATC performance growth.

On another note, to have on Training server the ATIS and allow controllers to choose the procedures but limited to only choosing which runways are for departure & landing so theres no confusion between controllers & pilots of a proper pattern procedure.

I wish there would be an option for Tower control to have as well vector control I.E (turning course).

Theres many more id love to share but hope to see this becoming something.


I couldn’t agree more, I was thinking about this idea for couple of days too.

This is the reason why I hate controlling those airports, and was thinking to create ATC tracking thread for pilots who actually enjoy flying with an active ATC.

This point should be the main reason for training server. Now I know there might be ATC trainees who will scam, misuse their session or doesn’t know what they are doing yet, but there should be a report system for both pilots and ATC.

  • We NEED to vote for this feature coz i love being an ATC as much as i love flying, but some pilots are ruining it for me.