ATC Training server

Just finished my 6 hour ATC shift at London Heathrow, local time 03:33am. I hope to become IFATC one day, hope someone reaches out to my email, regardless. Here are some screenshots from it! Enjoy :) if it’s allowed :)


Why is everyone suddenly flying the A333, I don’t get it 🧐

Congrats on a 6 hour session, I could never do that 😂


Great job. We would love to have you on the IFATC team! Keep it up, apply, trust the process. Get a trainer to help prepare you for testing. You can do it. Good luck! @WillBA

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Wow, i hope see you soon in the Team!

@I_AM_KOREAN_FOX looks like someone try to broke your Record 👀



I am Planning to Control 24hours 👀


Not only did he control for 6 hours he did it on training server and at Heathrow out of all places and didn’t go insane. That speaks volume. I’m sold. 😂


If u coming in IFATC im pretty sure u not want to stay longer than 2hrs

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Read the manual :)


😳and this isn’t really healthy, my friend!


Wow 6hours At Training Server?

Especially EGLL?

AMAZING How Did You keep Your Mental ? 🤣

Btw, you can apply for ATC here

Good luck for you, and read the manual carefully here


For this I know you are really like to be ATC
I Hope you can make you dream come true


I might have taken this the wrong way but IFATC Recruiters don’t come to you to join IFATC, you go to them by filling out an application form that you can find here in this topic along with the requirements :)

Looking forward to welcoming you onboard and if you can do 6 hours on training server then you will do great on Expert server!

Yes, this was the way I perceived the process to be. I have now resolved the issue as I was contacted on the app, not email.
Thank you for letting me know, it’s very appreciated!

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I did think this, it used to annoy me how Avancia was flying Heathrow to Dublin, and everyone used A330s, but then I realised how beautiful the aircraft is!

What’s his record? I’ll try it. 👀

It’s summer holidays for me, so I might try that 👀

Probably not. It depends but it came in waves this time, expert sever is just one long never ending que!

Well I was putting up with A330s doing touch and goes, the ground ATC putting some people at 27L, and some at 09R, a very annoying A350 doing low passes, and a little light aircraft that kept spawning in and doing traffic patterns, but kept crashing. Have to feel bad 😅

You really don’t get it? They updated the aircraft features and refreshed it. It’s the current “newest” AC on IF. That’s why.