ATC Training Server

Hi I have recently seen lots of posts complaining of bad atc on training server. I think it would be a great idea to have a simulated atc training server where controllers can chose what position and control the flow of aircraft coming in to the airport.
Personally I think this would be could for people to use before apply to IFATC and as some people are to young to apply for IFATC this would prepare them and help them improve the ATC and training server ATC would be improved massively. Thanks for reading 🙃

Oh so like a practice server?

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Yeah but not real pilots and where you can chose how much planes you have to control


Smart. I like it! This should definitely be a feature

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This is old but it probably still applies:

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So you mean a server with live ATC, but with simulated aircrafts?

If so, then it may be good to make this very clear in your feature request.

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That is indeed correct

Yes so less experienced controllers can improve

I do like this, but I don’t think it should necessarily count towards Operations, after all the planes would be “simulated”. Maybe 1 operation can count when you clear 3 planes.

I wouldn’t expect them to count towards operations

Amazing idea for those who like to control KLAX!

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Great idea, I’ve just been on Heathrow ATC tower. My brain is frazzled haha

For a while we had a second training server. Which is why you see some reference it as TS1 out of habit. It would be a nice place to practice ATC but you run the risk of fewer pilots and you still don’t have a guarantee of pilots that follow procedures.

I like the idea though.


Just a question: how would be get fewer pilots.

Because more would be doing ATC practice

Oh yes sorry

Why apologise… :)

I don’t know lol

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