ATC Training Server


I’m confused about how you get access to the ATC Training Servers. Could someone please point me in the right direction as I haven’t been able to find anything as of yet.

Thanks in advance

In order to control in the expert server you must be grade 2, and once you meet this requirement I will take you through the steps first off click on the third option where it says Air Traffic Control.

Then go the server options and click on the training server.

After that you should be all set on where you want to control on the training server! ;)


Thanks for your reply. I’m currently a level 2 and do not see any server expect the Casual Server when I click on ATC option and Fly Online from the main menu. See screenshot. Apologies for the poor quality my home button on my iPad has broken.

Do you mind showing your grade table, and have you tried reinstalling infinite flight?

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Its fixed itself now. I logged out and logged back in. Thanks for your help! :)

Great to hear! Enjoy controlling on the training server :)

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