ATC training server.

1 and half hour session at KLAX ground and tower. everyone behaved. apart from 1-2 grade 2. who landed on wrong parrallel runway. but that was acceptable from them. looks like TS1 is getting better now.


It is definitely hit or miss with ATC training on TS. Obviously prior to IFATC, this is all you can do and hope for the best. I found as long as I wasn’t at LAX it usually wasn’t as bad

I experienced that hit or miss a while back too. Other than not accepting the airport closed to incoming traffic message and the rouge fighter buzzing the airport, people were well behaved

That is nice, especially for KLAX.

During my controlling days on Training, I ended up avoiding the SoCal region, as for some reason many pilots didn’t want - or didn’t know how to follow instructions. I never had too many problems on other regions, except for the odd @$&%!! but we get those on Expert as well.

I also found that a few ‘thank you’s from the ATC to an aircraft, inspires good behavior. I guess we’re all human…

Keep up that controlling! 😊


yes that just came as a surprise to me as well. i never go that long ot KLAX or EGLL. but yesterday was fun.

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