ATC Training Server Radar is not Loading

Hi all,

When I sometimes get on ATC for the Training Server, the Radar does not load, and I see what I see in the Tower Tab, only I see it in the Tower, Ground (ATC), and Tower (ATC) Tab. I have restarted, but it did not help.

If anyone has had any similar problems, could you recommend what I do!
IOS 16

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@schyllberg fixed it last time 🙏🙏


I recommend taking a read of Schyllberg’s reply below:

Also, check out the topic below as I believe it relates to the issues you have described above:

It might just need another reboot of the server again.

Fingers crossed it is resolved soon. Have a good one!


Fingers crossed 🤞

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Sorry about the double post! Will make sure to check out the other posts!

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No problem whenever it happens I would post so it would be the attention of schyllberg

It’s been restarted!


You are the best staff 🙂

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