ATC Training server question

Hi Guys, I usually work approach at KLAX or EGLL i saw departure controllers have aircraft which departed contact me is that common practice or should i get the aircraft to go back to departure frequency?

If there is a departure frequency, then yes thats where they should be. If there isnt, what approach might do on expert is accept departures. If they do, tower will hand the aircraft off to approach but if they dont, they will issue them a frequency change. You can’t really do this on TS though as this is usually decided between the two controllers when they communicate through slack, unless you have a way of communicating with tower but even then because it’s TS 99% of everyone would tune into approach anyway.

You should tell them to switch back to the departure frequency. Departure should be taking care of all of the departing aircraft, and approach should be taking care of all of the approaching aircraft.


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