ATC training server issue

Several times aircraft are calling on my frequency but they are not active on it and I am unable to reply to them or send them messages

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What frequency?

This usually occurs when the aircraft that is calling the frequency is still on 19.4 and hasn’t updated to 20.1


That might make sense then

Tower at different airports, currently Boston but also happened in Atlanta earlier

Yeh I had the same issue but it doesn’t happen every time so it’s 50/50 that when you jump into a session you will get this glitch and also some times when a plane would request something it doesn’t show up on the dashboard on the right so there callsgin doesn’t glow but it’s a 50/50 that you could experience it.

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I’ve also experience the same issues at SFO & LAS.

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It is a known issue. Also welcome @DXB226 and @Sublime420 to the community!

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Not the same but also have been kicked off the game twice today and the ATC status in the lobby is very slow to update when a position opens or closes

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