ATC Training Server Advanced Controllers

It’s high time that dedicated controllers on training server who have advance skills must be given their due credit. More control options should be given for training server controllers so as to control the movement of pilots who are not following ATC instructions.

Expert server can only get better and cleaner once we have serious and dedicated pilots and ATC controllers.

I would like to invite fellow ATC controllers to make a group for controlling airports around the globe.



Hey there’s an IFATC Group and you can sign up for it.

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I think he means a group for training servers with lower qualifications. Please correct me if I’m wrong @dk_commander


Intention is to train pilots understand rules in training server. And vice versa for ATC controllers also.

Let’s make our community more professional.


I am referring to formation of group of intermediate to advanced controllers , who are providing their service on training server.

There are many ATC controllers with more than 2k operations , but they are yet to apply for IFATC or they some how not getting enough time for the exam.

yes I think that is perfectly resenabole and a good idea

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I’m genuinely curious, who would be in charge of the formation of these controllers?


This can be done for training server. So that users do get actual experience and learning before finally jumping to expert server.

And there are still plenty of dedicated controllers who provide legitimate service with punctuality on training server


Unfortunately, there’s a flaw in your reasoning here.
If number of operations determined the skill level or level of seriousness in a controller, we wouldn’t have the issues with not so serious pilots on Expert Server.

There’s much more to it, which is why access to Expert Server ATC isn’t something you get simply by number of operations :)


Dear schyllberg ,

Yes, I do understand that ATC operations is a vast domain.
But my post intention is to form a group of controllers who are willing learn from each other skills while providing service on training server.

A bad controller in training server would lead to an unprofessional pilot in expert server.

The more we engage the more we learn from our mistakes.

While I like your idea and I think it’s pretty good, there is a few issues with it. For one Training Server has arguably worse pilots than Expert Server, so you’re more likely going to find that pilots don’t listen to you or don’t understand what you mean. Secondly, it’s not guaranteed that the airports you open may get pilots. It’s possible but unlikely unfortunately :(. As @schyllberg mentioned above:

Do you have any workarounds for something like that?

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Yes , certainly there will be some pilots who do not obey or understand rules, but that’s the sole motive of training server.

Let them make mistakes and learn. So do we a ATC controllers.

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That’s why IFATC has an official training program in which we can train aspiring controllers properly, by qualified trainers. Not having someone qualified spreading knowledge that may not be correct or having pilots not listening to instructions (which is likely to happen on the TS) could create more damage than any good for the controller’s training.

Unofficial ATC Training programs have been shut down in the past due to this, we can’t ensure they are being taught properly.


there used to be please follow instructions commands and stuff like that on the training server why did they get removed

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I’ve seen these on radar frequencies


Unfortunately that’s not really how that works. I’m sure you’re aware you can’t give violations on Training Server, so a pilot will more than likely just not listen as there’s no consequence to them not listening to you, so that gives the instance that they can’t be punished for not listening. Hence there’s not exactly much learning there in my personal opinion. When it comes to Expert Server a pilot gets a harsh wake up that they can get in trouble for not listening. Which is why I’d recommend that if any competent ATC controller is interested in having pilots listen to join IFATC as it gives you practice and experience from your peers who control Expert on a day to day basis.

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True , that violations issuance option is not there in training server.

I have seen and experienced that only 10% of pilots do fail to obey instructions of a controller. But almost 90% do try to follow instructions , as they themselve are exploring as to how things work, some errors will be there.

I have manned EGLL frequency, almost 90% of the pilots in training server do follow instructions.

Example : controllers are like traffic signals, if we don’t have enough of them , specially on servers where users are in their learning phase, no one is going to learn the practicality of the operations.

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It’s clear you have good intentions. But it’s challenging enough to focus on and manage a single tier system without the distraction of getting into a two tier system. You’re considering the good without considering the downside, the “cost” (in complexity of time in setting and managing standards, and the risk that you will alienate people with unintended consequences of making a system more complicated).


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