ATC Training Program | Official Group Thread

It is about a Month. That is how long it has taken other members to fully pass into IFATC where working on making that faster by making more info available.

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Do you have practice written tests and also since I am on open beta will I be able to join?

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No IFATC has there own Practice tests for there tests which you will use. We have study guides and reference guides.

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Please visit my tracking thread JM192G’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ KVAD and carry out the procedures required listed on my tracking thread to help me practice for my IFATC and please leave feedback, thank you.

Jason @NL-Maxis @USA_ATC @Asher @BritishAirways001 @Henry @Infiniteflightusa @Q-ENAN @That_Mango @Usman_A @Baldeagle1

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Hello everyone!

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Hello there how is IFATC?

It’s fine.


How does one get an ATC Thread?

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You can use this link to see how to make one!

made by the wonderful @Sashaz55 :)

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We will no longer be having a active members list as there is to much strain adding it to every thread we have and PM. Since we will be transition away from the IFC and over to Discord ASAP we will be able to alert and ping members when we open threads.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

I have just applied what is the expected wait Time to join?

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24-72hrs you will get a email then you will get a IFC pm.

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Application update 2.0

It will go into effect in 2hrs.

Website Update 3.1

effective now

Yeah already applied 3 days ago and yet no PM messages

You got pmed by me. Go ahead and re apply if you didnt get any information.

Our bad :C

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i think in the application said that the answer can come from 3-5 days so I’m good by now

You did our application right
or are you referencing a different one.

Ohh I’m telling abou the IFATC app lol sorry

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Ok you should just be patient with them.

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Im certainly gonna open more airports later on.

Are there any airports that people prefer to do patterns or increase the chance you come by? Please let me know. (Practical coming closer…)

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