ATC Training Program | Official Group Thread

Alright everyone what airport should our first event be at

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make a poll C:
I believe the members voted for a IFATC in Training at Home Event.

And we have @Stellar_G’s event coming up.

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Congratz @BritishAirways001

As suggestions for next event:

  1. IFATC @ home
  2. European Area
  3. West USA area
  4. East USA Area

Congrats to @mike116119!!

for passing his practical and making it to IFATC! He got into the program very late in his IFATC in training time and was only there for a day or too before he past!!


Alright everyone here are some ideas for the next event!

  • GA airports
  • KMCO
  • KATL
  • EDDF
  • EDDM

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You can also PM me @USA_ATC can you add my username there?

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New way to join using google forms. Please Pm me when you have submitted a application ;)

Website Update!


Congrats to @That_Mango in passing his practical and advancing to IFATC!


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This is a community lead group and is not affiliated with IFATC as stated above!

Needed to clarify as some people are unsure.

Blake | IFATC In Training Manager

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Hello Everyone IFATC in Training is looking for good photos for our Instagram!

If you come to one of the members training session or you go to one of our many events or just something funny you saw at an airport, PM @Stellar_G with your entries and you will likely see your photos making the page!

image Instagram

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Hello All,

The name of the program has been changed to ATC Training Program. This has been decided under much consideration by staff and IF staff. We believe this change is for the better and everything will be switched over soon!

Thanks for understanding,
Blake | ATC In Training Manager

To congratulate our change, here is our Insta Post!

Hope this marks the start of a new era!

Website update 2.0 rebranding

Application Updated Version 1.2 now current :)

Hello Everyone!

We have been getting alot of questions about this topic:

(Question) How can you train someone if your not IFATC?

(Answer) There is a strict difference between training and guiding someone. We give our members resources to get there controlling top tear. (The ATC Guide, IF IFATC YT vids, Study guides made with IFATC.)

We have specific sessions to get the person better at that one issue or many if there needing extra help. (With IFATC Members Coming)

thanks for the questions!

Hey guys! I wanna ask something real quick, what consist the written test? It’s all in general or just a specific sector? I saw recently someone that is already on IFATC but have a active Tracking Thread for training app, center and departure

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How long is the course?

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It is only Tower and Ground to get Approach and Center certifications you must already be a IFATC member.

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