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Hello IFC,

Today I bring you all a new system that works with IFATC. We are ATC in Training, a group of people trying to get into IFATC and receiving assistance with their training by other members. This helps boost your attendance to your Tracking Threads, and allows you to come to our ATC in Training Events like FNF on Training Server and our around the Country Events.


Our Goal:

We want to help anyone and everyone get to IFATC. This program is in place to help speed up your IFATC training process, tremendously, and help you train for large airports and busy conditions. We will also head over to the Expert Server to fly patterns or fly out of less active airports to support the less active IFATC Controllers.


Question : Do we get to control on Expert Server?

Answer : No.

Question : Do I have to join?

Answer : No, this is optional and a resource for learning.

Question : Will this get me in to IFATC without taking the necessary exams?

Answer : No. This is to help you with training and not a way to get out the exams.

Our Policy:

We, like IFATC, do not tolerate any form of trolling. Using our program for ATC or flying is a privilege and our goal is to solely help the controller. We do accept anyone, but if we feel it’s necessary, we will remove you from this program and alert the staff at IFATC about the incident.

Want to Join?

Joining us is as simple as filling out a google form that is below, if accepted you will be added to our group PM. This program is 50% based off of IFC so everyone can attend! There is also a Discord which we will begin using more often and trying to move away from strictly prioritizing the IFC.

All you need is a ATC Tracking Thread which if you dont have one we can help you make one! And meet the requirements listed in the form.

Info About Our Members And Members That Have Passed The Program:

Click Here!

We do have IFATC in the program. Some are in Radar training and also need traffic to there threads to! But we also have regular IFATC members in the program to give valid and correct feedback to the ATC In Training Members sessions.

Members Who Have Passed to IFATC:
@PilotPeanutButter @HappyDays @Gritz @mike116119 @That_Mango @IF787 @NL-Maxis

Thanks for Reading,

Blake | ATC In Training Manager

Still Have Questions? Ask them below, or PM @USA_ATC, @Stellar_G, @BritishAirways001, or @Henry!

This was approved by @Tyler_Shelton. The 2nd banner was created by the FAA and I edited it to fit as a banner. The final banner was made by a IFC member!.

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This is a community lead group and is not affiliated with the
Official IFATC in anyway!


Controllers Let Me Know if your ATC Thread isnt listed! C:

Send me it if it isnt on there C:

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So will you guys be controlling the expert server featured hubs and regions, just on training?

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on TS

We will be doing FNF’s on TS big events on TS and this will help prepare the IFATC in Training to get better at handling traffic because the Tracking threads arent getting that much traffic these days. C:

Good Question!

New Logo Created By me based off of the Official IFATC with some personal changes!

Attention Staff Update!

We have a new member for staff at IFATC in Training HR Director @Stellar_G!

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Attention all people interested in IFATC in Training. We have filled all Positions and hit our max capacity of 30 members on IFC from here on we will be making a waiting room and until some of our other members graduate you will remain in the waiting room.

This is because IFC has a limit for 30 members per PM.

And also so every person can still get the attention that they deserve.

Thanks for understanding,

Blake | IFATC In Training Manager

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Attention our second member has just graduated from IFATC in Training!

Congrats to @HappyDays! Good luck at IFATC!


8 days in training, wow. thanks!

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We Now Have 35 Current members in the program! That will be a large jump in memberships for IFATC when all of them pass!!

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You know what I haven’t been here for that long and already learned a ton from you guys and I find myself doing everything automatically without having to think about it like I used to so thank you guys for that your help has been outstanding. 😎😎


great idea! I wish I had this event when I was IFATC in training! good job!


@Gritz Just Passed His Practical and is off to IFATC! that is #3



Thank you!:)

Congratulations @HappyDays and @Gritz

How did you guys experience the practical? Did you find it challenging? Or was it a piece of cake? Did you find ways to use your practice here at IFATC in training?


I was a nervous wreck at the beginning of the practical. It was quite challenging, but remember to keep everything sequenced, like when the aircraft do their patterns, and you’ll be fine. Use the “Tower” tab to look around frequently, because, as I have learned myself, radar itself isn’t enough.

I feel like an IFATC in Training at Home on the TS would be really cool!


Hmm Good Idea I will ask the members. C:

I agree :)

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New Staff Member

@BritishAirways001 as our event coordinator!