ATC Training- KRSW (South Florida)- CLOSED

Hi everyone

I will be controlling for 1h30. Come and do some t&g and test me!
Feedback is appreciated.


I can come in a A319 (Generic) Callsign N528HG


Really good, have you applied to IFATC


Yes I did last week. Unfortunately I failed the written test but o will try again in one week 😉. Thank you for coming

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I can’t remember very well why I used the turn base command but it was to prevent a conflict who might have happen if I didn’t tell turn base…
I chose the transition 3500ft because everyone were doing their pattern at 3000ft and I didn’t want to have any bad surprises (I had one in the beginning if the session a pilot wasn’t following my instructions…)
I knew that someone will test me on the transition and it had to be you 😂
Thank you for flying

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Like i said the other aircraft was on short final

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If your going to take feedback on board and take it into account if your serious about becoming IFATC make sure it’s a proper scout giving you the feedback, it will save you a lot of problems in the future.

See Josh’s post.


If they’re flying that high, send them “descend to pattern altitude.” The average pattern height for props is 1,000 AGL; for jets, it’s 1,500.

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