ATC Training @ KNUC(TS1) (CLOSED)

Hello everyone! I would like to use my knowladge of ATC skills by practicing on people who will actually follow the commands. I will only be doing ground operations in TS1. I will disconnect a ton due to me crashing a lot. I’ll start controlling at 4:00PM PST (30 minutes) due too other controllers at the airport.

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What a beautiful airport <3

IFATC would be proud!


I’ll try to be there in my A380 in a bit. Don’t know if I’ll have time though.


Just letting you know and a bit of feedback, if you are doing ground ops only it isn’t the best practice for being IFATC as a large part of IFATC is sequencing which is only avaliable via controlling on Tower. Just a little bit of feedback so if you could do both if you wanted to it would be better in the long run.


I would, but to this day i still get flashbacks from pre-global KNUC ;)

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Its already starting. 3 A380’s and a bunch of fighter jets


I understand that. I’m trying to be an expert at ground, then master tower, and so on.

TBH… We cant get anywhere if you are telling me to hold positions to 5 fighter jets… :|

I know, was the push back the right thing? Or what else should I have done?

Oh yes!!! I am on my way!

I’m gonna switch to tower as well, not too familiar with it though, but might as well try it.

@Balloonchaser what the heck are you doing?!?!


Oh shoot I didn’t see balloon chaser sorry Navy 3

@Balloonchaser seriously. That isn’t the type of behavior that should be displayed as an IFATC.

Thanks everyone who came to the ATC Training, and the people that are starting to spawn in! Anybody recommend anything I do different so far?

Im just joined in, imma start in a few mins

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I agree. An IFATC shouldn’t be clowning off like that. Disgrace…

Lets see here…

A. Never was sequenced
B. Never was cleared to land
C. Never was told to go around
D. Aircraft werent told to go around because of me


Roger that I see you :)

Sorry, not usually doing tower operations. Focusing on ground more…

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