ATC Training @KEGE ( Denver region ) TS1 [CLOSED]

Hi everyone ! I am gonna open KEGE for about an hour. Im not that good at ATC, so constructive criticism is appreciated !

I will use runway 25 for takeoff and landings !

Pattern work accepted !


Thanks ! (:


I will be there in 25 min. Callsign: Air France 1 1 9


Thank you to @Cpt_FITZGERALD and @Aquila for doing pattern works !


Good job on Air France’s transition request. I had been maintaining 9,000ft MSL or so in the pattern.

Forgot to clear me to land twice. The first time you caught on when I announced I was on final. The second time I didn’t say anything while Air France was spamming his position report behind me on final. You eventually figured it out for him, but I hit minimums without a clearance to land so I executed a go around. Don’t forget to re-sequence and re-issue the clearance to land as in the first case. I think the second case Air France was having fun occupying your attention and you just forgot to clear me to land altogether :P


You noticed that I tested you :)
You chose the correct transition but a part from that you made a lot of mistakes but that is perfectly normal as you are a beginner.

When someone is remaining in the pattern DO NOT instruct him a pattern instruction (enter right downwind number…) you only have to sequence him ex:
number 2 traffic to follow is on…
Also no pattern instructions must be given when someone is inbound on the ILS. You do it only he is inbound for landing.

You can not tell to an aircraft to maintain best foward speed when he is on final.

Avoid sending super late landing clearances (I had to spam the frequency 😂). It may happen sometimes but only when the airport is super busy but it wasn’t the case ;)

Tip: When a airplane is airborne and it is remaining in the pattern sequence him asap.

Continue to practise and have a look on the forum there are a lot of things to read about G/T ATC.

I am looking foward to join another training session from yours


@Cpt_FITZGERALD and @Aquila. Thank you for your responds ! I will definitely practice more and take you guys advise ! Still have one entire year before trying to pass IFACT ( I’m 13 )

Hope to see you guys soon !

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