ATC Training for IFATC

Hello lFC,
Does someone want to train a little bit before trying the IFATC-Exam?
It could be helpful to get the commands a little bit better by practicing. If you want some training, just write me.

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There already is training and it’s literally pinned at the top of the #atc category:


Yeah your right I knew that but those people don’t have always time so it’s just a great opportunity.

The only people authorized to provide training are IFATC trainers. A few more trainers like myself have been added recently, however as we are approaching the holiday season, we may be a bit limited on time.
Fill out a request and a trainer should get back to you within 72 or so hours.

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Ok got it. It was just a kind offer from me and I didn’t know that. You can delete my offer if you want but I didn’t mean to do anything wrong but to offer my help


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