ATC training for IFATC (TS1) - KFLL - ( Now closed )

Please Come Fly Arrivals, Departures, Pattern Work etc. I’m practicing for IFATC. Direct Message me and please give me any suggestions or corrections to my ATC services as I am in the process of wanting to become IFATC and want to improve my skills and make sure I am ready for testing in the near future. Thank you

Coming, callsign N90DVA

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Nice job. Nice pattern Entry for me and sequencing and clear for the option.

Only thing minor was you cleared the one aircraft for immediate take off. There was no need for immediate take off since i was landing 28R and he was departing 28L.

Who is your Recruiter ?

Corp 211


Great job! Sent you my comments in pm as you requested!

Thank you for the feedback and coming.

Brandon_Sandstrom Is my recruiter. I passed the written portion Sunday and I will re take the practical next week.

Thank you for coming and the feedback

should do well on your next test as long as you sequence everyone. Not sure if i was at your first test or not

good luck man


I remember I was at your practical test. Just brush up on your patternwork and sequencing.
Remember, sequence then clear. Good luck!

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Thank you. Yes I was doing it the other way around. I should be ready for next week.

Happy Thanksgiving

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I have re opened this 26 November 2017 @ 2100Z

ATC name andreslc

Come and fly, do pattern work, depart, arrive. Etc. let me practice ATC control. Please PM me for suggestion or critique. TY!

Well done, did a transition, a few touch and go’s and you handled them perfectly. Do this on your test and I look forward to seeing you on the ATC team really soon!


Thanks for coming again.

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Hey, I passed! Thank you for showing up, the feedback and recommendations


Congratulations on passing! Looking forward to seeing you on the IFATC team and working with you!

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