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First time controlling at an airport with two runways

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I’m done here, sorry for some mistakes, I had aircraft who entered the runway without permission, ones who thought that line up was to wait on the hold short line and a guy constantly spamming me on ground. Sorry for left - right confusion because the winds suddenly changed and I had to move everything to 27L/27R. Feedback is appreciated.

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Feedback from Croatia 1
Everything was ok until I requested runway change from 9L to 27L. You didn’t give pattern instruction for runway changing, you just cleared me with nbr 1 for option without new pattern instruction ( after the option make right/left traffic). Then insted of sequencing you cleared me again with nbr 3.
Proper instruction after my rnw change request should be;
Croatia 1, enter right/left downwind rnw 27L, traffic to follow is on final
Croatia 1, nbr 3, rnw 27L, cleared for the option, after option make left traffic.

On my last t/g, insted of " extend downwind", you should just tell me “Croatia 1, nbr 3, traffic to follow is on final”

Hope this help.

I know missed some of this things, because had two aircraft that I couldn’t tell instructions to them, also the change to the sides confused me quite a lot. Then aircraft just spamming me to go to 09L when I was using 27R/27L

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