ATC Training at KSAN

Hey guys!
I controlled at KSAN a little while ago.
There were many nimrods…
I think Training Server is exactly same to Casual server.
BTW,Please teach me.
When there are many escort aircrafts what will become of sequencing.
For example, 3 escort aircrafts are on base,B737 is on final= No2 traffic to follow is on final.


Nice job you were doing even with the idiots. // Corp211.


You’d tell the pilot where the aircraft he is following is.

Let’s pretend the aircraft you are sequencing now is the aircraft that is circled. You would say number 3 traffic to follow is on right base.



Good job at controlling on SoCal. Usually because of the Nimrods I avoid flying in that region on the training server, which is a shame as it really is a wonderful region to fly in!

If you want to avoid Nimrods and find pilots who are more willing to listen to ATC suggest that you try in London Region, Singapore Region or the Sydney Region.

Have a read through the tutorials available to find out about sequencing etc:

good luck and happy landings


I’m sorry.
I gave you wrong sequencing several times.
I’ll practice more.

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I understand!
Thank you so much!!


Technically all the 3 flights should be using the “flight of 3” callsign and only one should contact the tower then tower sequences that one aircraft and the other 2 follow - it is as if they were a single aircraft. For instance if the “flight of 3” received sequence number 1 and another aircraft behind is inbound, you’d sequence that one as number 2 (not as number 4). Makes sense?

only if all three aircrafts are flying together as one composite group.

if the three aircraft are flying as three independent aircraft then each should have independent Call signs

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Yes… that is the case that Quantas had described.

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Atleast Training server trolls finance FDS and help us getting global and further developement of the simulator :)

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Unless they are using a flight of call sign then they should be sequenced and spaced separately

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