ATC training at KPDX Training Server 1200Z-1300Z[CLOSED]

Hey guys!
I’ll practice at KPDX in Training Server.
Pattern,Feed back welcome!
Thank you in advance.


I’m on me way.

Roger,Thank you.


I’m coming :)

Roger! Thank you!

Coming, Delta 0073

Roger! Thank you in advance.

Hello, good work. I was M-AGIC.

Would you like your feedback in PM? Not much just a few things I noticed.

Sorry for my terrible flying. I forgot how bad winds could be gusting 22 in a Cirrus…
Great overall - nothing wrong especially but bad habits and other mistakes would be clearer with more people flying.

Thank you!

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See PM. Thanks for the service and good luck!

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Nice job @N787EX at KPDX!

One thing, when I requested the transition you said me “Transition approved at or above 2500ft” , 2500ft is too little, you should say me “Transition approved at or above 3000-5000ft” because I passed over the smallest circle around the Tower, if I was passed in a farther circle you could say me “Transition approved at or above 2500ft” :)

But you are ready for become an IFATC! ;)


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To be honest, I think he’s fit for IFATC, and that’s a FACT!


Yes IFATC sorry ahah

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Thank you very much!

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