ATC training area

I’m currently trying to pass the ATC exam and practicing on the training server (obviously!)

The issue is that it is sometimes clogged up with ac who dont listen or know what there doing.

I was thinking if there could be an area that training ATC could use and AC that who know the ATC commands could fly in order to get some practice in?

a small area with a few airports so planes could hop around and ATC can practice their dark art!


My suggestion for you is to setup an ATC Tracking Thread. People with much needed advice will always come and help you.

Here’s a link: How To Make ATC Tracking Threads


Control at smaller airports. Stay away from KLAX, KJFK, EGLL, and many others, as many players who tend to not listen flock there.

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Pro Tip:




I found KRNO to be pretty good, along with KFRG, where you can get a lot of KJFK traffic


I’d recommend that you select other airports with not just parallel runways (or one runway), but with intersecting runways, so you get an idea of the traffic movement in a variety of airport runway layouts.
I fell through the hard way when I did my first practical with intersecting runways…yeah, it did not go well.


I agree with all your points. The obvious large airports are always a nightmare. The problem I found with the smaller ones is that you can be sat waiting for 30mins for 2 AC to come.

What if we were to use say Portugal as it isn’t that big and has lots of airports. ATC potentials could man them so the AC know they would be getting a good service so it’s a win win for both parties. AC who want to get some practice in patterns etc and ATC could get some quality practice in.

Hi Christian,

Yes learning the trade on Training Server is not always easy. As mentioned, it’s good to stay away from the big airports; they seem to attract noobs and ‘misbehavors’. As suggested by @Ignas04, an ATC tracking thread are good, and the link contains good info how to set one up.

I recommend you pick airports with parallel runways, such as EDDL, KSCK, so you can practice the runway exit and cross procedure.

Have you passed your theory test?

All the best!


Hi @azeeuwnl

Yes agreed, I do stay away from the bigger airports, however it’s frustrating as the smaller airports dont get much traffic so being able to sequence and do some pattern work can be difficult to achieve.

Yes passed my theory and am doing some training sessions with my mentor adam who is excellent and gives me great feedback. So trying to work on the feedback is difficult due to lack of traffic at smaller airports.


As been mentioned above, open a ATC TRACKING THREAD When you are going to open a frequency then ‘open’ the thread so that those pilots who take it serious can turn up and do some patterns for you as well as provide feedback.

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Thanks. I’ll give it a try and see how it goes 👍

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